Quark has announced the imminent release of QuarkWrapture, its 3D-packaging design tool.

QuarkWrapture has been developed to help designers by fusing their designs to a CAD (Computer Assisted Design) structure, so it’s possible to develop and design packaging for consumer products.

Workflow Jurgen Kurz, director of product management at Quark, said: "QuarkWrapture is designed to cut the costs involved in package production and to speed up every step of that process.

"You don’t have to ship cut-&-paste mock-ups to different locations for approval any more. The software lets you create, distribute and view 3D proofs immediately."

3D mock-up The software generates 3D renderings of package designs created in two dimensions. Designers can see design changes instantaneously, and the electronic mock-ups can be exported in JPEG or QuickTime VR format.

QuarkWrapture will be available in the fourth quarter this year. Reflecting a current trend in IT, European pricing has not yet been set due to the fluctuating exchange rates between the Dollar and European currencies.