Quark has released the first details of its forthcoming DTP application upgrade, QuarkXPress 6. An OS X-native version of XPress is recognized as the missing piece of the jigsaw in the professional take-up of Apple's next-generation operating system, following Adobe's release of Photoshop 7.0 in 2002.

The company intends to announce more features of its forthcoming Mac OS X-compliant application in the coming weeks. Currently, details are thin on the ground.

Quark has confirmed the new version will run natively in Mac OS X (and Windows XP), and that XPress 6 conforms to "the user interface of both systems."

The company also reveals that it has reorganized some menus for easier use, and included "more useful" commands in the context menus to facilitate rapid work, while retaining the product's original interface.

The application offers multiple undo and redos, with an expanded list of undo-able actions. The application also provides full-resolution previews of on-screen images, so that designers can scale and magnify images with minimal pixilation, and position page elements more precisely.

The company hasn't yet announced product pricing or a shipping date, which hints that the application may still be some way off. Recent rumours have suggested that Quark will offer all new buyers of XPress 5.0 a free upgrade to version 6.

Quark has consistently insisted it will not ship the application until it has been through extensive beta testing and "is ready".