Quark has appointed company president Kamar Aulakh as CEO, a position until now held by Fred Ebrahimi.

Ebrahimi remains chairman of the board, while Aulakh takes responsiblity for Quark's global operations.

Ebrahimi said: "Kamar has a profound vision that will lead Quark into the future, and proven expertise at running a global technology company.

"He has built world-class software development centres in the United States and India, and has demonstrated his development and managerial expertise countless times over the last eight years. We place the utmost confidence in the continued success of Quark under his leadership," he added.

Aulakh joined Quark in 1995 and led the company's research and development work. Quark claims he created a development organization that includes 1,000 engineers across the world, along with a "global manufacturing and servics infrastructure".

The company also insists its new CEO: "has also been instrumental in establishing dependable release schedules and has continued to improve the quality and reliability of Quark products."

Since his appointment as president of Quark in July 2003, Aulakh has promoted Charles Mueller to senior VP of finance, and hired Cliff Kaplan as VP of business development for OEM products.

When he took the president's job, Aulakh said: "Peak productivity is as crucial to Quark as it is to our customers. Now that QuarkXPress 6 has shipped, it's time to raise the bar and ensure that our solutions offer the most comprehensive tools for enterprise publishing and content management."

In an interview in July 2003, Quark's new CEO described the importance of the company's 1,000-employee strong research and development centre in Chandigarh, India.

He discussed Quark's move to consolidate its five worldwide research and development centres into two, one in Denver with the larger operation based in India.

He said: "We believe that Quark is the only software company in India that carries out original software design and programming and produces world-class software products. We use state-of-the-art technologies to develop software in 22 languages."