Quark has released Quark Digital Media System (QuarkDMS) - a digital-asset management system.

QuarkDMS enables swift repurposing of content, manages and controls data from different applications, changes file types, and rejigs content for the Web.

It offers an Oracle8 relational database, with an architecture capable of serving hundreds of users. QuarkDMS supports Sun Solaris and WindowsNT, and can offer secure access to the assets server from both Windows and Mac platforms.

Norbert Neu of BASF, who took part in the QuarkDMS beta testing program, said: “QuarkDMS stored and administered electronic data within our central PR group. Of particular interest to us is its ability to manage our data enterprise-wide, allowinng us to provide our colleagues worldwide access to a central repository of assets via our intranet."

Customers can define access controls, privilege settings, storage locations, forms, keyword hierarchies and more. Tasks can be automated, so batch processing and metadata manipulation can be set to run automatically. The XTensions Developers Kit extends the system can customize it to suit different needs.