At the London launch of QuarkXPress 7, Quark showed off a demo of the Universal version of the DTP application. Jurgen Kurz, senior vice president of Marketing, proudly claimed that when it ships in the summer it will be "the first pro page-layout application supporting Apple's new Intel Macs".

The Universal version is currently at Beta 2. The non-Universal version of XPress 7 is available now for £749 (£249 upgrade), and users will receive a free update to the Universal version when it ships in the next few months.

Kurz rattled off some big numbers at the launch, which also marks Quark's 25th anniversary. The company claims that it has sold three million XPress licences, and estimates that there have been five billion XPress documents created since the product's launch in 1987.

1,000 people had registered for the XPress 7 launch in London, which was media-sponsored by Macworld and Digit magazines.

Over 75,000 customers participated in the public beta programme before the launch.

Kurz claimed that there are now 3,700 QuarkAlliance partners and 200 XTension developers creating plugins for the latest version.