Quark denies that it is “pulling out of the UK”, as claimed by a former employee yesterday. Instead, it says that two employees were “let go” last Friday, leaving support staff at its office in Surrey.

Glen Turpin, communications Manager of Quark, told Macworld: “Quark has maintained a presence in the UK since 1988. Quark is not pulling out of the UK. Two employees were let go on Friday. That's it.”

Strong Mac support Turpin emphasized Quark's total commitment to the Mac platform: “With respect to Quark's opinion of the Mac OS platform, Quark is a strong supporter of Mac OS. We started out on Mac OS and we'll have software for Mac OS as well as on the Windows platform because these are the platforms our customers want supported.”

Regarding the lack of an OS X-native version of DTP leader QuarkXPress, Turpin explained: “We haven't announced a ship date yet for the Mac OS X version of QuarkXPress, because it's still being tested to assure that it meets the level of quality our customers expect and demand from our software.

“Unlike our competitors, we have more that four million customer workflows to consider with each release, and we refuse to compromise on our commitment to quality,” he added, referring to competitor Adobe’s rival DTP program InDesign.

Efficient tools Turpin dismissed the former employee’s comments on Quark CEO’s “dislike” of the Mac platform as “hearsay”: “Mr Ebrahimi believes in protecting our customers' workflows, providing them with platform options so they can use the tools they believe will best help them be efficient, and helping them remain profitable. Our customers should be able to choose the operating systems and tools that are best for their business. Every customer is different.”

Turpin also rejected the suggestion that Quark is moving away from the desktop to the enterprise: “Quark develops software for all levels of publishers: the desktop (since 1981), the workgroup (since 1992), and the enterprise (since 2000).

“When we introduced workgroup publishing software in 1992, we didn't abandon our desktop software, because our desktop software is an integral part of our workgroup offering. Since our desktop software is also an integral part of our enterprise offerings, it logically follows that we would not abandon it at this juncture. There's a symbiotic relationship between QuarkXPress and the rest of our product line.”