In a string of announcements, Quark has begun what could become a summer media blitz.

The company has announced a 25 per cent discount for European customers who order the QuarkXPress 4.1 upgrade online – from a European Quark Web site – during June and July. The company claims the goal is to encourage customers to take advantage of its site.

With increased stability and several new features, QuarkXPress 4.1 includes improved PDF, scripting and Internet publishing support. The company has also introduced QuarkLink, a QuarkXTension designed to "make it easier for customers to communicate" with Quark over the Internet. This offers daily news headline summaries from the publishing world, including headlines from Macworld. Quark also revealed that avenue.quark is set for release during July 2000.

Quark also publicized its new deal with Microsoft, under which the two companies will develop a QuarkXTension module for avenue.quark to convert content to Microsoft Reader format. When developed, this XTension will be available from Quark at no charge.

Finally, Quark announced its new alliance with content management firm, Quill Communications., under which Quill will integrate Quark Digital Media System, a digital asset-management system, with Quill’s Web-based CATPUB (Content, Approval, Tracking, Publishing) application. CATPUB manages workflow, content approval, tracking and publishing. The companies aim to create a solution capable of managing and publishing large amounts of content from start to finish.