Quark has announced version 1.5 of its Quark Digital Media System, but has not announced a release date.

The revision will provide more powerful tools to help publishers re-use media assets created in any software application, says Quark. It will offer automated email responses, and permit the mapping of information from XML files, such as eBooks, into metadata fields.

The application will be able to search for collections or layouts based on the assets they contain. Quark DMS V.1.5 can also set attributes for multiple files or folders in a single operation. Contextual menus for common tasks, and the ability to drag-&-drop assets or folders will also be supported.

An Image Editing XTension was also announced, which lets users perform image manipulation operations from any Web enabled computer. Images can be viewed, rotated, cropped and scaled all from within a Web browser, but only in conjunction with the Quark DMS Web module.

Quark DMS Version 1.5 will be a free upgrade to all customers covered by maintenance contracts.