Print DTP giant Quark has established a new Web-centred company, NetMidas under the leadership of Kris Farnes, Quark’s director of R & D in client/server technologies, who becomes NetMidas president.

NetMidas will offer clients: "Enterprise applications to harness the digital components of their business," she said, in a statement.

The company plans to roll out a complete set of integrated modules designed to help large clients establish and maintain consistent, stable Web sites. NetMidas solutions will offer a complete menu of digital business process management applications, with integrated workflow controls.

Product releases SiteMidas, is set for seeding with a core group of clients over the next few months, with other products expected for release at a later date. The idea is that NetMidas will focus on developing publishing solutions for major corporate clients, allowing Quark to continue to concentrate on its core competencies.

SiteMidas uses open standards and is a scaleable and extendible adoption of current Web authoring and infrastructure applications. It’s a powerful system that comprises three modules with a workflow integrator.

Modules enable efficient site administration and content posting; streamlined content creation, versioning and storage; and Web infrastructure programming and design.

The workflow integration tool permits the use of standard or customized templates, and helps a company track the path content takes, analyze the processes involved, and manage the results. The aim is swifter, more effective site management on Internet, Intranet or extranet sites.