There appears to be significant discrepancies between the pricing of QuarkXPress 7 in the US, UK and Europe.

In the US the standard version of QuarkXPress 7 retails at $749 before sales tax. As a direct conversion that would be £401 or €584.

However, in the UK the standard version of QuarkXPress 7 retails at £749 excluding tax, that’s £879 with VAT. At today’s rates that is the equivalent of $1,398.

And in Europe you are looking at paying €1,299 for the standard QuarkXPress 7. That works out at $1,665. The price of the Passport version (with extra language capabilities) is even higher at €1,549.

So if you are in the UK expect to pay about double what your US cousins are paying. Europeans will need to fork out more than double for the privilege.

Adobe’s pricing isn’t a lot better. A standard version of Adobe’s Creative Suite 2 costs £809 in the UK (excluding VAT). It’s $899.95 in the US and €1,699 in Europe.

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