Quark has pulled out of the UK, firing two of its UK staff.

One former Quark employee claimed that CEO Fred Ebrahimi “does not like the Macintosh platform”, implying that the UK was largely a Mac market.

On Tuesday October 22, Glen Turpin, communications Manager of Quark denied the company has pulled out of the UK, and emphasized the company's commitment to the Mac market.

The office affected is in Elstead, Surrey. The company's principal application QuarkXPress has recently been updated to version 5.0, but it is not yet OS X-native. Adobe's rival DTP package, InDesign 2.0, is Carbonized for Mac OS X.

An undisclosed source blamed high salaries and soaring IT expenditures in the UK for the job cutsl.

Ironic exit Workers, who were informed on Friday, are said to have received the news well – "but they didn't have an inkling of what would happen" the source added.

Last week Quark relaunched its customer care program ServicePlus. However, all UK technical-support issues and sales are redirected to Quark's European HQ in Switzerland:

"It’s ironic because we were meant to be going around UK users saying: ‘Look, there's a UK presence, and there's also a local UK support number’," the source added.

Desktop exit He speculated that Quark's move could have wider implications for the company: "I think this is a move away from the desktop to the enterprise market."

Another undisclosed former UK Quark employee said that this was the company's "final nail in the coffin".

"Everyone was already looking at Adobe's InDesign, and now they have an excuse to switch - but that's just my opinion," he told Macworld

Quark switched most of its UK staff to Switzerland three years ago.