Quark continues to schedule events to show the next version of XPress, version 7, to its customers.

The company's UK events listings page now hosts details concerning a June 2 event in London, which it is calling the "QuarkXPress 7 Launch - UK and Ireland".

While it's not clear if the software will be released on or before that date, the company will host a special event at the Congress Centre. 28 Great Russell Street, London on June 2.

"Join us at the Congress Centre, London, for special sessions, special speakers, and special surprises. You'll hear customers and partners talk about their experience with QuarkXPress 7. You'll also hear industry experts reveal their opinions about the practicalities of using QuarkXPress 7 and why QuarkXPress will revolutionise the world of design, print, and publishing once again," the company says.

Today, Quark is appearing at visual communications and sign event, Sign UK. The company is exhibiting with the Rapid Group and is offering demos and sessions in the use of XPress 6.5, as well as some in-depth looks at XPress 7, a public beta of which is available now.

The company is gearing up for action in the UK, too. Yesterday the company announced a seven-city XPress 7 road show, also scheduled for June.

"Throughout the month of June, creative professionals are invited to participate in these all-day events to learn about the advanced features of QuarkXPress 7," the company says.

All attendees of the US events will get the chance to meet Quark, get some hands-on training and enter a prize draw to win a copy of XPress 7.

The US QuarkXPress 7 events take place in the following cities, preregistration is required:

Washington, DC - June 5;
Chicago - June 7;
Minneapolis - June 13;
San Francisco - June 15;
Atlanta - June 20;
Los Angeles - June 22;
Dallas - June 27;
Toronto - June 29.