Quark has released more details of QuarkXPress 6, claiming it offers a "more flexible workflow".

The updated application will offer enhanced pages for Web design, simplified hyperlinks creation and more-comprehensive XML usage than before, Quark said.

The company also promises a wider selection of table tools. Users will be able to control the flow of content by linking text cells within a table or linking tables to each other; link a table cell to a text box for overflow copy fitting; apply the colour of "none" to cells and gridlines for placing a table over graphic elements; convert tables into boxes and will be able to define tabbing order between cells, the company says.

Text behaviour is also improved. Synchronized text lets users update content simultaneously in multiple layouts. The release also offers a new "layout spaces" feature.

"With layout spaces, the work area has been redefined. In QuarkXPress 6 the "document" is now a "project," which is a collection of layouts that might include print pages, Web pages, or different versions of either, in varying sizes and orientations. Layout spaces easily facilitate the conversion of print-based designs to Web-based designs and back within one file."

This feature means several layouts can reside in the same project, and that several specifications such as colours, style sheets, hyphenation settings and lists can be shared.

The new information is available from Quark.