Quark has announced yet another new corporate logo.

The company made its first attempt at a rebranding last September, when it proudly trumpeted its new look - but quickly fell foul of the Scottish Arts Council (SAC), because Quark's new-look green 'Q' logo appeared visually almost identical with SAC’s long-used blue 'A' logo.

At the time, Quark’s acting president Linda Chase said: “Quark has undergone a major transformation to become more open and customer-focused, and we have a focused vision to go with our new attitude.”

A spokesperson for SAC said: “The similarities of the design of Quark's new logo and ours are indeed uncanny,” adding: "We are very proud of our logo which the design company first presented to us on 7 February 2001."

A Quark representative then claimed it had engaged in "extensive checks to discover any similar existing logos" he admitted, "we evidently didn't find them all."

In a statement on its new new logo, Quark said: “Quark has made a commitment to be closely attuned to its customers, and we appreciate the feedback we received from the design community in relation to our re-branding initiative.

“We have created a new logo that is both an evolution of our visual identity and a strong representation of the new Quark. Since the visual identity of the company represents our renewed commitment and focus on our customers, changing the mark to avoid any perception of similarity enables us to further define our unique identity. We love our new logo and we are pleased by the response it has received from our customers and partners.”