Quark will exhibit at neither Apple Expo, Paris, nor Seybold San Francisco next month – and is unlikely to ship a Mac OS X version of QuarkXPress until 2003.

Glen Turpin, Quark's communications manager, told Macworld UK: “Quark will not exhibit at either event.”

He also said of an OS X version of XPress: “We haven't announced a date yet, and until we make a public announcement I can only tell you the usual: as always, quality is our number one consideration. Every release of QuarkXPress is tested extensively to ensure the highest level of functionality and reliability.

“With over two and a half million customers relying on QuarkXPress in their business, we prefer to err on the side of caution when we release a new upgrade. We will release the Mac OS X native version of QuarkXPress when we're confident that you'll be able to use it productively and reliably in your workflow.”

5 or 6 Meanwhile, a report appeared yesterday claiming the OS X-native version of XPress will be known as XPress 6.0 – a full-price new version of Quark's industry standard DTP application.

Turpin revealed: “We're absolutely committed to release QuarkXPress for Mac OS X.” The report cites sources who claim the application will debut in early 2003, perhaps in time for Macworld Expo, San Francisco. As previously reported, this version will be incompatible with current third-party plug-ins.

The report also cites a Quark user, who says the only thing preventing his migration to Mac OS X is the non-appearance of XPress for X.