Quark US has souped-up QuarkWrapture with the release of version 1.5.

QuarkWrapture is a visualisation tool that generates 3D electronic mock-ups of CAD (computer aided design) structures at any time in the design process. The benefits of QuarkWrapture, according to Quark, are to "reduce the time required to complete the design process".

Features new to version 1.5 include the ability to view and manipulate multi-piece scenes - for example, the designs of a soft-drink carton and its packaging can be combined into a single scene.

Flash features Wrapture allows a folding sequence to be exported as a QuickTime movie, enabling clients to view the animation by email or over the Internet. Rotating 3D design mock-ups can also be presented as Macromedia Flash movies.

QuarkWrapture 1.5 displays the characteristics of various packaging materials, including paperboard, plastic and metal.

Paola Chopard, Quark's European communications co-ordinator, said: "UK customers can expect to see a localized version of QuarkWrapture 1.5 released very soon - maybe in a week to ten days."

QuarkWrapture 1.5 will be a free update to registered users of QuarkWrapture 1.0. It will also be available as a stand-alone version priced at £5,575.