Quark announced QuarkDMS 1.5 yesterday at Digital Solutions.

Scott Moore, DMS's strategic product manager, told Macworld that the new version of Quark's digital-asset management solution for large workgroups boasts better stability and incorporates a number of new and upgraded features.

Quark Digital Media System is a fully scalable asset-management tool. It permits the storage and indexing of a number of files – including images, text, collected publications and Web assets.

Server base The solution is built on a client/server base, with the server at the centre of the group as the project archive. It's management features permit for the assignation of projects, and lets metadata be added to files to hold information about them. This includes progress reports, copyright and publication date, for instance.

The new features of DMS 1.5 include a beefed-up email facility and Collection Assets. The email feature makes for easier project management – actions can be set up so that if a piece of work is completed an email will automatically be sent to the next in line in the workgroup to indicate readiness. The email feature can be set up to deliver progress reports and automatically transfer files from inside the QuarkDMS system.

DMS search The Collection Assets feature means that all the elements for a publication can be collected automatically, and searched for within QuarkDMS. It can search for multiple file types across files, folders and hard drives, collect them together and despatch to print or Web.

The Web browsing feature of QuarkDMS has an improved interface. Moore said: "We found our initial Web client looked terrible, but now it's beautiful. It has become a much more aesthetically pleasing feature.

"Many of our applications are very palettey, but we felt that the Web-client feature needed to offer more usability."

QuarkDMS's archiving feature has also been enhanced – it now saves to archive in a single click. More claimed: "People need this. Users want to be able to use the feature without having to think about it – by making the archiving function easily accessible we are encouraging its adoption."

On QuarkXPress 5.0, Moore said: "We learned a lot when we released XPress 4.0 – there were several bugs that needed fixing. As a result we decided to make our testing procedure more rigorous. We are spending twice the time to beta test the application as we have before – when we release it, we want QuarkXPress 5.0 to be rock-solid."