Quark will ship QuarkXPress 7.0 next year - and is gunning for its competition.

Speaking to CreativePro.com, the Quark's new CEO, Kamar Aulakh, confirmed the news - and promised that his now "outward-focused" company is preparing to lay the smack down against its competition.

Accepting that "competition benefits consumers", and recognising that the impact of Adobe's debut in the DTP market with InDesign has changed Quark's character, Aulakh talked about monopoly.

Until just four or five years ago, Quark was synonymous with DTP, but Adobe's changed the face of that. It's possible Quark now intends leveraging its 1,500-strong legions of developers to take a chunk out of Adobe's crown jewels. Photoshop is in the company's sights.

Quark's recently-released XPress 6.5 upgrade includes image-editing features through the brand-new - and free - QuarkVista XTension.

Referring to Adobe's assault on Quark's traditional DTP market with inDesign, he said: "Here's the thing about Photoshop. Remember, that's what they said about Quark up to five years ago, seven years ago. Until somebody came up, "Let's challenge them! Let's do this thing called InDesign, or Page Maker, whatever." Yep. The light is on again. It's the same mindset."

Stressing his belief that competition helps customers, he added: "Why not give Photoshop some competition? Especially for our customer base that uses 15 per cent of Photoshop features."

"We think competition is good. It's good for the customer. It breeds innovation. We think it's great that the competition is around. But we are also here," he said, adding, "For our competitors, watch out."

He also promised that XPress 7.0 will offer support for transparency.