Quark is today hosting its 'Launch me' event at the Congress Centre in London, marking the long-awaited release of XPress 7.

The all-day event began at 9am with an exclusive invitation-only keynote presentation by Quark executives. The main conference and exhibition begins at 10am.

Attendees are being offered the chance to try QuarkXPress 7 with the help of expert trainers in one of five hands-on zones. Each zone offers tutorial materials and example exercises to showcase the application.

Quark partners HP, Pantone, Extensis and Canto are also attending the event.

The company officially released the latest iteration of its DTP software on May 23.

Jürgen Kurz, Quark senior vice president, desktop products said: "Based on the early response we've heard from customers and the critical acclaim QuarkXPress 7 has received from leaders in the industry, we believe QuarkXPress 7 will revolutionise the way creative professionals work," he added.