Quark offered Seybold attendees the first chance to glance at XPress 7 this week.

The demonstration took place during a keynote presentation by Jürgen Kurz, the company's senior vice president of product development. The keynote was called: "Transforming the Business of Creative Communications."

Publish Magazine claims Kurz stressed Quark's focus in the release is to make collaboration on the desktop easier and more efficient.

The enhanced graphics capabilities of QuarkXPress 7 make the design experience more satisfying than ever," he said, pointing out the application's new and improved creative workflow.

New features including composition zones, which let creatives work on the same page at the same time, automatically viewing each others changes as they are applied.

he software includes a number of new features including "composition zones" and "job jackets," said Kurz.

"A new synchronization palette lets teams of creative professionals ensure consistent design - synchronizing text, pictures, and other items and their attributes", the report reveals.

"By delivering these tools, QuarkXPress 7 will help customers achieve their creative goals while managing their business efficiently," Kurz said.

XPress 7 seems set to ship in early 2006, assuming it prevails in extensive beta-testing process.