QuickerTek has announced a new WiFi transceiver for Macs that significantly boosts the coverage users can expect from wireless networks.

The small device ("not much larger than an antennae") clips onto an iBook or PowerBook case, and promises to send and receive wireless signals at ranges of up to one mile.

The easy-to-use product needs no extra software or extra steps and costs just $200 (UK price presently unavailable). It connects to the Mac using the AirPort card, and ships with a power adaptor, or can be powered by the FireWire port.

Company president Rick Estes said: "Our new Transceiver for the PowerBook and iBook user is just a wireless powerhouse. You can sit down almost anywhere and not only get a signal, but get a fast connection - that's where the rubber meets the road. A few products can pick up a weak and unusable wireless signal, but making a high speed connection is the real challenge, and this new Transceiver has that, and more."