Apple has posted a selection of sample multimedia clips for QuickTime 6 Public Preview users.

The collection offers real examples for QuickTime 6 users of what MPEG-4 and AAC audio can do. This version of QuickTime 6 implements an Instant-On mode, so users don't have to wait for entire movies to download or buffering operations to complete. It's also possible to scrub between frames of video on-the-fly.

Sample clips include a number of movie and games promos, with audio tracks from a selection of big-name artists, including Korn and Jennifer Lopez.

The site also features links to Apple's content-creation partners, including Epic Records (a Sony label that employs Key2Audio technology).

Apple released the QuickTime 6 Public Preview on Monday, pending resolution of its licensing discussions with MPEG-LA, the body tasked with turning the standard into a commercial proposition.

QuickTime 6 features next generation MPEG-4 video support, with AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) technology.

MPEG-4 Video offers compression-times and video-quality rivalling those of the best proprietary codecs, yet works with other MPEG-4 players and devices.

AAC Audio (Advanced Audio Coding) is a new standard in professional audio, offering more efficient compression than formats such as MP3, for near CD quality.