The BBC has announced that it will be using QuickTime 7 in its Motion Gallery.

"Soon, you’ll be able to view and download spectacular motion previews that are bigger and faster than ever before," it boasts of its database, which encompasses 500 million feet of film and 400,000 hours of video from over 70 years of BBC and CBS footage.

"Thanks to the ultra-efficient new QuickTime 7 H.264 video codec, we will be able to deliver mouth-watering 720x486 (NTSC) or 720x579 (PAL) previews with stunning video quality at low data rates, which means crisp, clear video in much smaller files," says the BBC.

The database will also be searchable with Mac OS X Tiger Spotlight. The BBC explains: "BBC Motion Gallery previews in QuickTime 7 will soon contain a rich body of metadata searchable via the new Spotlight feature in Apple’s Mac OS X “Tiger” operating system. This feature alone could change the very way in which you search for footage."

Unfortunately the BBC's use of QuickTime 7 for the Motion Gallery is not repeated in its content available to consumers - Nor does the BBC have plans to use it for its Interactive Media Player– the company's "iTunes for the broadcast industry".