Apple's version 5 upgrade to its multimedia standard, QuickTime, has been downloaded 1.5 million times in its first week of release, Apple has revealed.

QuickTime 5 is available for both Mac and Windows systems, with international language versions promised in May. Phil Schiller, Apple's vice president of worldwide product marketing, said: "QuickTime 5's quality, speed and user-interface enhancements are already a hit."

One new feature is QuickTime 5's support for 360-degree Cubic virtual reality. It also supports customized "skins", which can create an original look-and-feel for the media player. This enable designers to customize the final player the end-user sees.

The fiddly volume wheel of previous versions has gone, replaced with a mouse-friendly slider. The Player supports MPEG-1, Flash 4 and offers enhanced DV-codecs. The application also offers a new Components Download feature, which will add Apple's own enhancements as well as new features from third parties.

The US-English version is the only currently downloadable version available.