Apple’s QuickTime Live! event begins today in Los Angeles, and runs till October 12.

Apple has uploaded a new page to its Web site, which discusses the ways in which QuickTime and the Internet have been adopted by the music industry in order to publicise new artists.

Author Stephanie Jorgl, says: "Record companies big and small have discovered the Internet and are racing to beat out, or keep up with, the competition." The article features case studies of labels picking up on Apple’s streaming technologies. The issues bought up by the Napster and MP3 wars are also discussed. This involves the risks of piracy, which is balanced by the opportunity to take bands to a wider audience.

QuickTime has been the streaming format of choice for live music events this summer. The Glastonbury and Reading Festivals, and even the Cannes Film Festival have all seen highlights streamed worldwide using Apple’s QuickTime technology.

At Reading, Graeme Kelly, of Internet broadcasters, said: "QuickTime is better than Real, we’ll never use Real again." Twenty hours of video-on-demand footage filmed live at Reading Festival this year is now available free from

The streaming format wars are brewing, with Real Network’s formats already ready to distribute video over Internet at full-screen rates. In order to maintain its competitive edge, Apple’s QuickTime Live! could be the forum for the launch of QuickTime 5. Phil Schiller, Apple’s vice president of worldwide product marketing will deliver a keynote speech at 6:30pm UK time tomorrow.