Apple’s QuickTime streaming-technology will be used to broadcast Glastonbury, Europe’s largest outdoor performing-arts festival.

Ben Challis from Glastonbury’s Television Broadcasting Licensing Department told Macworld: "We chose Apple because it provides the highest quality software. On the clearance side, we’re finding that artists are both curious about Webcasting, and suspicious of the copyright implications too."

Challis also observed that attitudes toward music on the Web are changing, with some music labels more positive about Webcasting than others.

The festival runs from June 23-25, and artists include Bowie, Travis, Nine Inch Nails and Moby. Besides the music, the Theatre and Circus fields will host some of the world’s biggest names from drama, circus and cabaret.

Glastonbury festival organizers chose as its Internet partner this year, and Apple’s QuickTime for its streaming technology. The Webcasts will feature four bands per day from the main stages and six a day from the New Bands stage. Also broadcast will be interviews with top performers, a daily events review and a contribution from Michael Eavis, the prime organizer of the annual event.

The transmissions will be filmed by remote camera crews and sent to the QuickTime servers via satellite connections, a method of transporting content recently developed by Apple, LaCie and Sony, as part of a solutions package offered to CNN.

An hour-long compilation of Festival highlights will be available for three months after the event ends. QuickTime 4 is required to view the Webcasts, which will be available from both the official Glastonbury Web site, and from its Internet partner,