Tribeworks has released iShell 2 and will show the software at QuickTime Live! next week, says Tribework’s Lindsay Euller.

The application is a set of tools for building rich media experiences – such as Internet-radio players, full-screen media environments, CD-ROMs and e-commerce applications.

Duncan Kennedy, Tribeworks President and CEO said: "iShell 2 makes it easier and less expensive to build branded applications that push the boundaries of rich-media experience across multiple platforms."

Features iShell 2 introduces over 500 features and enhancements over the previous version of the application, including better Internet support, a visual debugger, new commands and events, the creation of behaviours through reusable templates, improved sound-handling capabilities and extendibility options that go beyond drag-&-drop scripting.

The toolkit also offers expanded support for streaming, sound, movie, text, table and QuickTime media – including Flash, .mov, .avi and any other QuickTime-supported format.

iShell 2 is available for download. Full pricing information is available online.

Tribeworks will host an all-day iShell 2 workshop during Apple’s QuickTime Live! Conference in Los Angeles next week (October 9-12). Many observers expect the event to be the launch pad for Apple’s enhanced QuickTime 5.

Apple will stream the opening keynote address on Tuesday, October 10 at 6:30 pm UK time. Phil Schiller, Apple’s vice president of worldwide product marketing, is scheduled to speak.