A contest to create technologies to let Windows 2000 or Windows XP run within OS X on Intel Macs has been revealed.

It's the second such competition, and shows the genuine curiosity among advanced users to create such a solution.

The previously announced Dual Boot contest asked developers to create a way to run Windows and Mac OS's side by side, but "why stop there?" the new competition asks.

"Independence of OS choice is the main aim of this contest," the competition website reveals. "The host OS is the stable, accessible and secure Mac OS X on Intel. Guest OS's are a broad choice of systems from Windows to Linux."

The aim is to allow Mac users to use Windows-only applications happily on their Intel-powered machine.

The contest asks that the winning application "must boot either Windows XP or Windows 2000 in Mac OS X on any Intel Mac without emulating the processor", however "this contest does not cover any other operating system (e.g. Linux) even if they can run."

The first such competition, 'Windows XP on an Intel Mac' is offering an $11,000 prize to the person who can figure out how to make both operating systems (OS X and Windows XP) boot up on an Intel Mac.

The second competition 'Run windows in Mac OS X for Intel' launches with a small 178.60€ prize fund, but is requesting donations to increase that amount. The closing date is June 17, 2006.