Pop-band Radiohead has released a video for their latest song I Might Be Wrong over the Internet in QuickTime.

The band members, producer and video director all used Macs to edit video, audio and digitally modify sounds. Nigel Godrich, Radiohead's producer, said: "We used a multitude of Macs for audio editing, manipulation and sequencing on pretty much all the tracks on Kid A and Amnesiac."

He continued: "We have a Power Mac at the Radiohead studio, and I have a desktop Power Mac that I take around with me as well."

His dislike for PCs is pronounced, he added: "And I hate PCs - they are over complicated and unfriendly. While Macs are people-friendly and intuitive. It’s no coincidence that most creative people use Macs for sound and pictures of all kinds, and every two-bit office has a 286 PC."

Chris Bran, Radiohead's video director, is also a Mac enthusiast. He said of his experiences with the computer: "I have only ever used Macs for video editing. There is no competition. And using the PowerBook as a portable movie-editing station is excellent, it’s all I need to make videos or animations."