Destineer's Mac publishing arm, MacSoft, will ship Railroad Tycoon 3 for Mac OS X this month.

The game casts its players as tycoons working to create their own railroad empire. "They will see cities grow into thriving metropolises as they carve our their cross-country routes. The prosperity of thousands will depend on their decisions."

As well as building a rail network, players can engage in stock market speculation, buy other businesses and work to dominate whole other industries. Players must get through 25 different historically-inspired scenarios.

Railroad Tycoon 3 features 55 3D locomotives (including the EuroStar), 180 different buildings and 40 cargo types. The soundtrack features a selection of blues and bluegrass music.

Players can create their own scenarios using the scenario editor. Both online (using GameRanger) and local area network play are supported. This release also includes the maps from the recent Coast to Coast expansion pack. Pricing not yet announced.