RAM prices have officially dropped though the floor. Since January the price of a 256MB PC133 RAM module has halved, and prices still appear to be falling. Since February prices have dropped more than 50 per cent.

As of this morning, you can now add 256MB of RAM to one of the new G4 Power Macs for just £65 (ex. VAT) according to Crucial Technology. Older machines are also benefiting from lower priced RAM, with older G4 and G3 Power Mac PC100 memory down to around £55 for a 256MB module. There’s more good news for iMac owners, as a 128MB module now costs between £35 and £38.

Memory prices usually hit the news when something in the world economy hikes prices up. Earthquakes in Japan, punitive US taxes and general shortages have been responsible for steep increases in prices in the past. It seems that the lack of any such problems and a downturn in computers sales have produced a glut of memory chips. So if you need more RAM, buy now before another earthquake.