A jury has found that Hynix Semiconductor violated a series of Rambus patents and awarded Rambus $306.5 million in damages.

The jury determined that Hynix infringed on the ten Rambus patent claims debated in the trial, held in the District Court for the Northern District of California, Rambus announced Monday.

The damages are compensation for SDRAM (synchronous dynamic RAM), DDR SDRAM (double data rate SDRAM) and DDR2 memory products sold by Hynix in the US only between June 2000 and the end of 2005, according to court documents.

Hynix said it would continue to fight in the case.

"While disappointed at the result, the focus of this phase of the trial was Rambus’ patents that were drafted to cover JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) standard SDR and DDR SDRAMs," the company said in a statement. "The next phase will focus on Rambus’ anti-competitive behaviour in acquiring and enforcing these patents. In the next phase, scheduled for this summer, Hynix seeks to have all of Rambus’s patents in dispute held unenforceable."

Rambus has requested a permanent injunction barring Hynix from making, using, selling or importing infringing memory products. This request has not yet been considered.