Hundreds of friends, family, fans and Macintosh development team members attended "father of the Mac" Jef Raskin's memorial service yesterday.

Apple employee 31, Raskin died last month at just 61-years old. Like Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, Raskin suffered a battle with pancreatic cancer. Unlike Jobs, he failed to recover.

Wired News today reports the memories of Apple employee 12 Daniel Kottke, who was at the service. He joined the Macintosh development team so he could be near the "coolest people" at Apple at that time.

"They were all really interesting characters," Kottke said. "I would attribute it partly to Jef's multi-faceted personality and (his way of) attracting interesting people."

A leading proponent of futuristic technological philosophy, Raskin said computers should be household appliances long before anyone else - he said this in 1963.

Raskin's friend, Kathleen Mandis told Wired about Raskin's love for planes, and of his penchant for building secret rooms into his homes.