Over half the respondents to the recent Macworld Reader Poll “Which one thing would you change in the Power Mac G4?” demanded a faster system bus (51%).

Apple’s current Power Mac features a 133MHz system bus, which Apple claims supports over 1Gbps data throughput. Rumours suggest at least a 166MHz system bus from Macworld Expo New York later this month.

Some way back, but second on the wish list for Power Mac enhancements was FireWire 2.0 (13%), followed by a smaller case (8%).

Other desires for the pro desktop Mac included: more drive bays (7%); USB 2.0 (6%); more USB and FireWire slots (5%); more RAM slots (3%); more PCI slots (2%), and a flat-top to put extra drives on (1%). 4 per cent decdied that the Power Mac G4 was “perfect” as it is.

Readers also called for:

Apple to dump Motorola in favour of IBM: “IBM makes massively better chips, has a much faster mobo than MOT can even envision”.

“Apple should put its money where their mouth is, and remove the restart button from the Power Mac if OS X is so crash proof”.

“Quieter hard drive/fan”

“Audio and USB ports on the front”

“Make it silent!”

“More RAM slots would be excellent, as you could get more 256MB DIMMs, which are comparably much cheaper than 512s.”

“Surely a MUCH faster processor, two of them as standard and cheaper!”

“Hypertransport: now!”

“10 processors and a deep fat fryer on the side - may as well use all that heat to good effect, I can cook me chips while i'm doin stuff!”

“Support for surround sound like Dolby Digital 5.1, THX etc.”

“What about a cup holder?”