Macworld readers believe that Apple attending London's MacExpo in November is “Great news for UK users”. While 43 per cent agreed with that statement in the latest Macworld Reader Poll, another 41 per cent complained that Apple’s move was “Long overdue”.

Apple hasn’t attended a UK Macintosh expo since 1997. The company twice pulled out of a planned show in 1998, and cancelled the whole show in 1999 for a “bigger and better” show in 2000, which it promptly cancelled as well.

An independent Mac show, The Expo, took place in 2000 anyway. This show, now renamed MacExpo, is taking place this year November 22-24. Apple last week announced that it would be attending, and taking the show’s largest stand.

“With Mac OS X, Apple has a great story to tell. More Mac evangelism is very welcome,” a reader commented.

“There never should have been any hesitation in the first place,” pointed out one voter.

“It’s about time Apple began to treat its UK customers with some respect,” blasted one reader.

Jaded UK subjects Although the great majority of Macworld readers though the news good for all concerned, seven per cent believed that showing up was “A waste of Apple's energy”.

“Attending a Mac show is preaching to the converted,” complained one voter.

Another reader commented: “Without new hardware, who cares?”

A further four per cent thought Apple should have stuck with just September’s Paris show in Europe, calling Apple UK’s move “A blow to European integration”.

“Apple should stay with Paris as the hub. It by far represents Europe, beyond what UK can, or has ever, offered,” a Francophile suggested.

And three per cent refused to believe Apple at all, after the many previous cancellations.

“I'll believe it when I see it,” snorted more than one voter.

Some readers invoked the spirit of the Wembley National Stadium fuurore by demanding a more central show in Birmingham – scene of Thursday’s MacFest travelling roadshow.

New poll Hewlett-Packard today announced that it is to merge with fellow giant PC maker Compaq. The new Macworld Reader Poll asks “If HP can merge with Compaq, who should Apple chummy-up with?”

Your choices are: Hewlett-Packard, as well; Sony; Microsoft; SGI; Sun; Kodak; Adobe; Macromedia; AOL/Netscape Time Warner; and, Apple should stay independent.

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