A massive 81 per cent of Mac users welcome Apple's decision to make its entire range of Power Mac G4s dual-processor machines.

Macworld Online readers were asked "Multi processing: is Apple right to go dual-G4 only?". A total of 81 per cent answered "yes", 7 per cent "don't know" and 12 per cent "no".

Apple debuted its new Power Mac G4 line-up on August 13. The new range features dual 1.25GHz, 1GHz and 867MHz G4 processors, with prices starting at £1,349.

One respondee enthused: "The dual processors are an innovative way of increasing performance rather then slavishly following the Wintel route of more GHz. It makes the G4s a clear choice for professionals."

Another reader drew a parallel between the G4s and Jaguar: "Two brains are better than one. The release of Jaguar shows that."

But some were less impressed. "The move goes without saying," one reader said. "I'm just surprised Apple didn’t do it earlier."

Others, meanwhile, feel Apple should be concentrating on faster chip speeds: "What's wrong with building faster single processors?"

It wasn't just the new G4s' dual-processing that drew comment – the machines' cases failed to impress everyone: "The case looks like the front of a 1970s British Rail electric locomotive, but without any of the charm."

Another asked: "What are the four holes at the front for? Fingerprint recognition?"

While a third commented: "Great configuration. Ugly case."