Hungry for media coverage, RealNetworks boss Rob Glaser slammed Apple CEO Steve Jobs as "pig-headed" this week.

CNet UK reports Glaser made the comment to a packed house at a conference in San Francisco.

He said that Apple's refusal to make the iPod compatible with music services other than iTunes promotes piracy and will eventually annoy customers.

In truth, multiple services exist that offer an alternative to iTunes for iPod owners. UK music fans can legitimately buy digital rights management (DRM)-free songs in the MP3 format from numerous suppliers, including: Wippit, Karma Download, Trackitdown, and several record label websites, including Mute, 4AD and dance label Finger Lickin' Records.

Glaser is simply stressed that Apple doesn't support Real or Microsoft's DRM. He approached Apple personally last year to request the company support his firm's file format, but Cupertino denied him. Jobs told shareholders a Real deal was "not worth it".

Now, Glaser wants the music industry to force Apple to make its music products interoperable.

In related news, buoyed by its $460 million settlement with Microsoft, Real is to repurchase up to $100 million of its outstanding shares.