RealNetworks has won a patent-infringement suit filed against it by Ethos Technologies in 2002.

A jury in a US District Court in Massachusetts found that RealNetworks has not infringed on all ten of the complaints filed by Ethos, according to Matt Greaves, a spokesman for RealNetworks.

The verdict, which was unanimous, also found that seven of the ten claims Ethos made in the suit were invalid, he said.

Ethos filed suit in 2002 against RealNetworks claiming the San Francisco company had infringed its patents with software that RealNetworks offers to help users download its "premium" products such as RealPlayer, Greaves said. Ethos had sought over $200 million in damages in the suit.

The technology in question in the suit included what Greaves called "minor technologies," such as RealDownload Express and RealDownload. RealNetworks has not distributed RealDownload for several years, the company said.

Ethos representatives could not immediately be reached to comment for this story.