RealNetworks has linked up with Nokia in a deal that will let the mobile-phone giant develop and distribute Internet-based media content on its devices.

RealNetworks will implement its RealPlayer technology in Nokia's communicators and smart phones. Users will be able to access streaming audio and video on mobiles. The first products are scheduled to launch in 2001. Pictured is Nokia’s current Internet-ready mobile, the Nokia 7110.

RealNetworks’ chairman and CEO Rob Glaser said: "We will learn a lot about the technical possibilities and the hazards of mobile audio and video in the coming months."

In a video message to the audience at Real Conference 2000, Paris, Nokia's executive vice president, Anssi Vanjoki, said the agreement with RealNetworks is a "landmark in bringing mobile multimedia to life".

All comers The agreement is non-exclusive. Len Jordan, senior vice president at RealNetworks, said: "We will want to be on any device, and any operating system." Real will support Microsoft’s platforms, he added.

Jordan said: "Mobile devices are very different from PCs, especially where it concerns power, memory, storage, user interface, display and networks. Our advantage is that the G2 RealPlayer is very modular."

Voice control RealNetworks also announced that it has "started thinking about devices that go beyond the keypad". Jordan noted that voice control could be an "obvious" step.

RealNetworks recently announced its RealServer 8 software would be able to stream content written using Apple’s QuickTime technology.