Real Networks has released its second beta of the RealOne Player for Mac OS X.

RealOne Player is the vehicle for delivering the company's premium subscription content, such as RealOne SuperPass, to Mac OS X users.

Alongside access to such content, the second beta introduces extra functions for Mac users: these include a new pop-down Menu in the user interface, offering Mac OS X users a direct link to RealOne's Home, with links to a variety of content; Media Search, which offers a searchable index of multimedia entertainment resources online; and a new Favorites Menu, where users can save links.

The beta also offers access to 1,700 radio stations using RealOne RadioPass, a subscription radio service offering high-fidelity, near-CD quality 64Kbps radio feeds of 50 stations.

Nearly 55,000 Mac users downloaded the first beta within 24-hours of its announcement on July 17. Since then, there have been over 800,000 downloads of the Player, Real claims. Current users will be notified of the beta's release.

The second beta is available for download from Real Networks.