Real Networks has announced agreements with 20 content providers.

The content providers have signed up to furnish programming and services for the RealOne Media Player service, which launches in November. RealOne combines all the features of RealPlayer and RealJukebox.

RealOne is an online subscription-based service that will offer music and other downloads to its customers.

Partners Agreements have been reached with ABC News, BT Ignite, the BBC Technology division and Deutsche Telekom – all these parties maintain some media or infrastructure assets.

Online music-subscription service MusicNet launches next month. It's backed by RealNetworks, Bertelsmann, AOL Time Warner and EMI. Its main competition is expected to come from Pressplay, which was formed by Vivendi Universal and Sony Music Entertainment, and is backed by Microsoft. It's a significant move by major music-industry forces to bring more of their product offerings online, according to industry observers.

In launching iPod, Apple will have been aware of the number of subscription-based music-download services scheduled to launch in November.