FWB Software has announced the end of PC emulator RealPC.

In a statement issued yesterday, new company CEO Marko Kostyrko admitted the company had been party to "vapourware".

Kostyrko said: "The previous management had made claims regarding the status and upcoming release of RealPC for OSX, claiming it was in late beta and about to be released.

"After more thorough investigation and interviews with the previous staff, we have found that the development had not formally been started, and it appears not a single line of code has been written."

The company has decided that the potential development costs of such a product are too high: "The new management has determined that it is not in the best interests of FWB to go forward with the development of RealPC," he said.

This follows yesterday's revelation by Microsoft that its recently-acquired emulation software Virtual PC will not presently function on Apple's G5 processor, because it does not support certain key features on the chip.