RealNetworks President and chief operating officer, Lawrence Jacobson yesterday hinted at a schedule for introducing Mac OS X support in the company’s products; but refused to discuss it “in advance of July 17.”

Reasserting the company’s commitment to support “all platforms,” Jacobson suggested that Real is working on a Mac OS X-compatible player.

The statement came at the launch of RealNetworks’ European premium-content subscription service for broadband users – RealOne SuperPass.

RealOne SuperPass is a £9.95-per-month subscription-only service, offering streaming-video and other content from a number of high-quality sources. The service currently offers news- and events-coverage from CNN and the BBC, alongside sports, music, and entertainment programming from UEFA, Wimbledon, and MTV. The facility also offers full access to Channel 4’s Big Brother live feeds.

The service is accessed through a triple-window interface. Video sits in the top left-hand corner, with relevant information about what’s playing and links to other relevant resources to the right. The bottom half of the screen is occupied by a fully active Web browser that lets users navigate through the content provider’s site. Real’s browser is an organic construction, with a similar control methodology to Apple’s QuickTime software.

The company is making RealOne SuperPass freely available to consumers on a 14-day trial basis. Unfortunately, in its current implementation, the browser does not work on a Mac – though, as indicated above, this appears set to change.

The technology supports full-screen video, and offers the capacity to stream content with very little buffering time.