RealViz will demonstrate MatchMover Professional 3.0 at NAB 2003.

The software tracks 3D camera-data and motion from video and film sequences, and is the first version of the product the company has produced for Macintosh. The Mac OS X version of the product is scheduled to ship in autumn 2003. Linux and Windows versions will ship this summer.

New features include: 3D object model-based tracking; 3D tracking of cameras and multiple objects in the same session; a new graph-editor toolbox, and other professional-grade tools. More information is available online.

RealViz chief technology officer Luc Robert said: "This has been designed in close collaboration with top-rank professionals. The amount of new interface and technology features is stunning. This gives the product a combination of power, ease of use and versatility with which professional users are sure to get an accurate solution in 100 per cent of cases."

Most recently the product was used to complete visual effects for 20th Century Fox's Daredevil movie, which will be released across Europe over March to April. the solution let the visual effects unit mix computer generated and real-life elements together seamlessly.

The product will cost $4,999. UK pricing hasn't been announced.