Propellerhead yesterday announced Reason 2.0 at Frankfurt's Musik Messe Expo.

Reason 2.0, which supports Mac OS X, is an expandable music-creation system. Its user interface (UI) is in the form of a classic studio-effects rack containing samplers, analogue synthesizers, mixers, and drum machines. More modules add more features to the application.

This version introduces the Malstrom Graintable Synthesizer, a polyphonic synth.

It also features the NN-XT Advanced Sampler, which the company claims to be easy-to-use but highly advanced. It’s for heavy-duty programming, and offers advanced sampling utilities through an easy-to-manage UI.

This release offers the Orkester Sound Library collection of orchestral sounds and a detachable sequencer to use in music projects. In response to user requests, the sequencer can now be pulled out of the rack and placed anywhere on the screen.

Ultra latency Of OS X support, Propellerhead says: "Reason is already famous for its ultra-latency, but run Reason under Mac OS X, and you can have latency below 1ms. In a word, tight." The application takes full advantage of the Core Audio features built into Mac OS X.

Reason 2.0 supports multiprocessing, and has no need for OMS or ASIO extensions. It also connects to Mac OS X-compatible MIDI and audio cards.

Other features include full 32-bit sample support. Previous versions offered 32-bit floating-point unit support.

The application will ship in the second quarter of 2002. Currently announced pricing stands at $99 or 89 euros for an upgrade from a previous version. Final pricing information is not yet available.