Pixar has announced RenderMan Pro Server for the Mac.

The news brings the company's Academy Award-winning rendering technology to the platform. The software will be released this autumn, and will include the latest release of Pixar's RenderMan 11.5, which features technology developed in creating Pixar's Finding Nemo movie.

RenderMan is used by digital-effects houses and computer-graphics specialists. Pixar describes the product as: "The highest quality renderer available anywhere." It has been "production-tested through successful use in feature films for over ten years."

The product offers a powerful shading language and antialiased motion-blur, developed to integrate synthetic effects with live-action footage, Pixar says.

Discussing RenderMan 11, Weta Digital's visual effects supervisor, Joe Letteri, said: "The new speed optimizations in PRMan 11 gave us the breakthrough we needed to put the finishing touches on The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. PRMan 11 has so many great new features that we couldn't use them all."

The lack of RenderMan for Mac has often been remarked upon by Mac users in the visual-effects industries, as Pixar's CEO is also Apple CEO Steve Jobs.