Apple's Rendezvous technology could pose a bit threat to Microsoft, says Business Week Online in this week's Byte of the Apple column.

Reporting that Rendezvous adoption is increasing fast, Business Week predicts appearance of the zero-configuration networking technology in a future "prominent" 3D-rendering application. This, the report says, "will have the ability to check central processing unit usage on other Rendezvous-enabled systems around the office and send intensive tasks to the computer currently handling the lightest workload".

The report suggests companies can save money by using Rendezvous to reduce help-desk costs by reducing time spent configuring networked devices. "It illustrates why businesses should reconsider their PC choices over the next couple of years," says Business Week.

Finally, Business Week suggests that Apple should create a Windows-compatible app using Rendezvous to attract Windows users. "Surely Apple could break down the obstacles to switching platforms", in this way, the report concludes.