Developer Tibco Software has filed suit against Apple for alleged trademark infringement.

The litigant claims to own the rights to the Rendezvous trademark, and has filed legal papers in California's District Court alleging that Apple: "Carried out acts infringing on Tibco's trademarks, with the intention to trade on Tibco's goodwill and harm Tibco's business."

The company seeks remedies for the "competitive and economic harm caused by Apple's acts," it said.

The company describes itself as a: "Leading developer of software that enables real-time business by creating interoperability between diverse computer systems". The company has been using its Rendezvous trademark since 1994 and its Tibco Rendezvous mark since 2000. It has put "considerable effort" into marketing those brands, it said.

The lawsuit alleges that Apple was aware of Tibco's Rendezvous trademarks when it began using the Rendezvous name in 2002 for software the company claims is "closely related" to Tibco's Rendezvous software.

Tibco's chief marketing officer George Ahn said: "Rendezvous has been a Tibco mark for many years and is one of our flagship products. For quite some time we have tried to reach an amicable agreement but, given Apple's continual refusal to honour our trademark, we have been forced to take action."

The company serves 2,000 company customers worldwide.