Apple UK's director has revealed that his company is enroling the help of new Apple Premium Resellers to gain ground in parts of the country where Apple will not be opening Apple Stores.

Apple UK MD Mark Rogers explained: "The intention is to get broader coverage of Apple only outlets across cities where we’re not very well covered."

In return for helping Apple move into these less well-served areas, Apple Premium Resellers will get marketing assistance and training from Apple. However to qualify as a Apple Premium Reseller a retailer's location is key. Rogers explained that his company only wishes to give the premium status to stores in more high profile locations. "We are trying to drag some of the guys into more high profile locations. Out of the industrial estates, out of the third floor of buildings, out of the middle of nowhere," he said.

The company has received some criticism from resellers who disagree with this strategy. Computer Warehouse MD Jonathan Cole thinks Apple is wrong to give priority to High Street locations. He explained: "We could not replicate the ease of purchase and facilities that we have at CW on the High Street. At a time where Dixons are retreating from the High Street it is difficult to see how low margin retailing can work with soaring rents."

Read more about what the scheme means to existing Apple Centres and other Mac resellers in this month's issue of Macworld. In shops now.