With a raft of new products from Apple, 2003 proved to be a good one for UK resellers – even if limited availability and shipping delays continue to be a thorn in the side of many.

Commenting on the highlights of the year Lenny Borg of MR Systems said: "This was the year that Apple gave us the new Aluminium PowerBooks, the G5 PowerMac, the 20-inch iMac and iPod improvements. We couldn't have asked for much more."

For KRCS's Keren Gilfoyle-McGroarty the highlights were "the long-awaited release of Quark 6 for Mac OS X, and the launch of the G5".

She added: "One highlight that can only be appreciated in retrospect was Apple's huge increase in momentum as regards pro desktop video. With the maturing of the print market, this is an increasingly important area."

Peter Clay, marketing manager at Gordon Harwood Computers, said: "It's been a great year. iPods, iPod accessories, and notebook accessories have sold incredibly well. It's definitely been a year for getting mobile."

And expectations for 2004 are high, especially since Apple will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Mac.

Jeanne Razzell director of Velocity said: "Apple should launch a 20th anniversary product for the rest of us – unlike the 20th anniversary Mac which definitely wasn't."

Keren Gilfoyle-McGroarty said: "The best news the UK could get from San Francisco would be the launch of a worldwide – or at least European – Music Store, as this would not just broaden the iPod market even further, but would also do more to drive home the Apple message of usability and lifestyle relevance."

"I'm hoping to see G5 PowerBooks soon," said Peter Clay of Gordon Harwood Computing.

Templeton Smith's Chris Hadley said: "An Apple in-car stereo would be a great idea."

Looking back Reflecting on the two decades since the first Mac was launched, Lenny Borg said: "We've seen innovation of computer design with the launch of the iMac, the onset of translucent plastics, the aluminium PowerBooks with a whopping 17-inch screen, and the new G5 designs, including the superb Dual-2GHz. And of course the Mac OS X operating system improvements."

He added: "The Mac has now been pushed into the designer high-end of the computer marketplace. The digital hub strategy has worked, and now consumers and professionals are integrating music, photos and video on their Macs. It's so easy to get to grips with, and is part of the OS."

Jeanne Razzell said: "I guess none of us who used a Mac Plus and PageMaker 1.0 could have possibly imagined the Internet, colour, movies, music and all the other cool things we've got on our desk at work and at home now."

Chris Hadley has plans to mark the 20th anniversary of the Mac: "We'll be celebrating with a couple of beers," he said.